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Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala 

Chairman, NABARD, Mumbai

Very enlightened by entrepreneurship capabilities of exhibitors. ABD has done a great Service by handholding them in many ways congrats but huge potential for up scaling.

Date of Visit: 14.07.2016

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Shri. Deepak Kesarkar

 Hon.Minister of state (Planning, Finance & Home)

Delighted to visit the Agri Business Incubator. I take back knowledge & motivation to my state where we plan to set up the first rural technology incubator in the state in Coming months. My best wishes to the entire team.

Date of Visit:15.07.2016


Ms. Deepanwita Chattopadhyay

Chairman & CEO at IKP Knowledge Park, Hyderabad

Extremely happy to see such a complete handholding services for growing and marketing agribusiness startups of farmers.

Date of Visit: 21.07.2016

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Mr. R.KamalaKannan

 Hon.Minister for Agriculture, Govt. of Puducherry

It is encouraging, initiative for the economic upliftment of farmers and entrepreneur’s.

Date of Visit: 11.11.2016


Dr. Abhilaksh Likhi IAS,Additional Secretary, MoA & FW

Happy to see so many Agri Startups and RKVY Grantees in TNAU TBI working on various domains in Agriculture. I wish them all a great success.

Date of Visit: 23.11.2022



Chairman, NABARD, Mumbai.

Reconnecting to my original professional training and going through latest developments in research is a marvellous experience.
Date of Visit: 10.02.2021

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Deputy Director, EDII, Chennai.

Really this Incubation centre is one of the model of our Tamil Nadu Incubation. I am happy to see that this is vey good. Wonderful and happy to see that all center, incubatees room, confrence hall, Exhibition hall.
Date of Visit: 23.11.2020

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Additional Director, EDII, Chennai.

Today I had a great interaction with Agri Business Incubation centre & saw the exhibition of all incubatee products. It is very impressive and motivating. I feel great about TNAU Coordinating every effort towards entrepreneurship, innovation. Hope to expand collaboration by EDII with TNAU. 
I congratulate everyone.
Date of Visit: 02.09.2020


Dr. Shunchonngam Jatak

Chiru, IAS

Excellent Work! It needs to be expanded and good publicity is required. It is genuinely a place for incubation of the ingenuity of our people which need support.

Date of Visit: 16.11.2016


Mr. Sri Shishr sinha, IAS,

 Development Commissioner, Bihar

The directorate is doing a wonderful job and I wish them all the best for growing future.

Date of Visit:17.02.2017


Shri. K.V.Chowdary 

Central Vigilance Commissioner, New Delhi

I had a very educative visit of TNAU’s extrusion service; The team is doing outstanding work. There is a need make public aware of such work and to award them. I wish their efforts all the best success.

Date of Visit:13.03.2017


Smt. Archana Patnaik, IAS

Very impressed with the professionalism shown in the ABD- the passion and enthusiasm shown by Dr. Murugesan and his team is infectious! Got a chance to see the entire facility and meet some entrepreneurs too. It is the largest AB incubator – wish the team many more laurels.

Date of Visit:18.08.2017


Shri.A.Anbarasu IAS, 

Development Commissioner, Secretary (Agri), Gov. of Pondicherry

I was Immensely pleased to visit the Director of Agri Business Development. I was shown arrow to exhibition hall and was explained in detail the various imitative taken by the Director. I was happy to know that the incubation centre of DABD has been ranked second in the country for its valuable work. I wish every university of Agricultural in the country has a Director to know this. Kudos to the DABD for their hard work in Business Development in Agriculture to hence heights. Best wishes to the Team DABD.

Date of Visit: 25.06.2018


Mr. K.Kandasamy

 A.D(GRC), MSME - DI, Chennai

Excellently maintained and helping to the farmer community to the maximum level.

Date of Visit:14.09.2018


Ms. Indrayani Mulay

 Deputy Director - confederation of Indian industries

Thank you very much for show caring the centre plenty of opportunities for collaboration.

Date of Visit: 05.07.2017


Mr.Digvijay Choudhari 

Art of living, Bangalore

Was truly Educational & inspiring to visit the facility & learn about all the initiatives being taken for the Agri business.

Date of Visit: 26.10.2018


Smt . Meena Munshi, 

Program Lead, World Bank

Thank you, So much for educating all about your innovative program.

Date of Visit: 28.03.2017


Dr. Albert Schram

 Vice Chancellor, PAPUA New Guinea University Of Technology, New Guinea.

Impressive policies and services, Good Luck!

Date of Visit: 22.12.2015


Dr. Usha Dixit

 Scientist 'E', NSTEDB

It is good to see the TBI excel in Agri Business a tough foster and much needed for the country, Excellent TBI Team.

Date of Visit: 10.01.2019



 Senior Lecturer, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka

It is quite exciting and surprise to see the Agri Business incubation Centre at TNAU. More Over our special appreciation goes to Mr. AV. Gnanasambandam for this beautiful demo and explanation.

Date of Visit: 28.01.2019


Dr S N A Jinnah,

 CGM, NABARD, Chennai

ABD முனைவார்களைக் கண்டு மட்டற்ற மகிழ்ச்சி. அவர்கள் மனித குல வளத்துக்கான சஞ்சீவி ஆவதற்கு நபார்டு வங்கி எல்லா உதவிகளையும் நல்கும்

Date of Visit: 2016

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Mrs. P.Alli Rani 

Director of Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Institute of Textile & Management.

It was an interesting and enlightening tour. The team at ABD-TBI has done impressive work and established an excellent centre which can be a model at the national level. The agricultural and agri-basd industry seems to have benefitted a lot and this can lead to further progress even at the global level. My best wishes to ABD, TNAU for a glorious future. 

Date of Visit : 23.09.2020

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Mr.P.Nagagrajan, IPS 

First time very impressed with the guidance given by Business Manager Mr.Gnanasambandam regarding the Tender Coconut water production and marketing.

Date of Visit: 17.12.2015

Mr. Naga Narendran

 Director IRDG, SriLanka

Amazed by the Opportunities.

Date of Visit: 22.11.2018


Shri. R. Amalor Pavanathan,

 Deputy Managing Director, NABARD, Mumbai

Highly appreciable work has been done for improving the life of farmers with best wishes from NABARD.

Date of Visit: 16.05.2015


Parthi Muthukumarasamy,

Counselor (Agriculture),

Canadian High Commission, New Delhi 

Very impressive facility and Unique incubation facility for Agribusiness. Real and direct help to Entrepreneurs is appreciated.

Date of Visit: 16.07.2016


Ved Narayan IAS

I had a most educative tour of this Agribusiness centre exhibits, brings out its Best talents of our people in bringing excellent products and is a light house for the future entrepreneurs. Dr.Murugesan and his team deserve congratualations and well deserved praise for innovative ventures. Future of entrepreneurial enterprise is assured.

Date of Visit: 16.09.2016


 Kelly Moklekeny

First Secretary Political,

Botswana High Commission, New Delhi

It was an honor to take a tour of your facility and i will definitely come back for more collaborations

Date of Visit: 05.07.2016


Dr. R.K. Samanta,

Former VC, BCKV.WB, Former Director General, NAARM, MANAGE, Hyderabad

I visited the Agribusiness centre & saw the things and activities consultancy outreach program they carry out. Really I am overwhelmed and amazed to witness its achievements. I appreciate the initiative of TNAU on this endeavor. I thank Dr. Murugesan and his worthy Collegues to carry out these. Keep it up. With best of luck

Date of Visit: 26.10.2016

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Subha Sundarajan,

Trade Commissioner,

Canadian Trade Office, Chennai.

Extremely essential facility for agribusiness and to promote development & commercialization of Agri products.

Date of Visit: 16.07.2016


Dr.K.P. Ramesha,

Head, SRS of ICAR NDRI, Bangalore

Impressive work made many entrepreneurs and shown how to empower the Agri entrepreneurs. 

Date of Visit: 30.08.2017


Dr A Ayyappan,

NABARD Chair Professor,


Thanks for the visit. Deep insights into new dimensions of Agri Business Management. Compliments to Dr. Murugesan, Director, DABD and Colleagues here. Best wishes to all endeavors.

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Wilferd Madius Tangau, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia.

Excellent Work!

Date of Visit: 04.12.2017


S. Natarajan,

Vice Chancellor, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram

I was highly impressed with the activities of ABD. Excellent works are going on. My best wishes.

Date of Visit: 26.12.2017


S. Natarajan IAS,


Wonderful works, my appreciation.

Date of Visit: 10.05.2018


PVS Suryakumar

Deputy Managing Director

Wonderful to meet the budding business men and women. A big thanks to the TNAU for mentoring them.

Date of Visit: 27.04.2022


Samuel Praveen Kumar,

Joint Secretary, DA&FW, GoI,

Krishi Bhawan

Extremely delighted to see the support system for Agri Startups. impressed with the commendare contribution of this RABI in serving for the growth of Agristartup ecosystem.My sincere appreciation and wishes for keeping this great work in the times to come.

Date of Visit: 06.02.2023

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Shri. T. Venkatakrishna

 CGM, NABARD, Chennai

TN Agribusiness consortium at Coimbatore University campus is doing a very good job in encouraging and supporting Agristartup. They are able to connect entrepreneurs, farmers, FPOs and consumers and inventing ways to market their products. More than Rs.23 Crores support received by the incubatees of the Forum recognizes the efforts made by them. I wish all the very best to the startups and the Farmers in all their future endeavors.

Date of Visit: 29.11.2022


Mohan Kumaramangalam,

Indian Politician, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee.

It was encouraging to sell the level and diversity of innovation being supported by the university. I hope more equity investors come to the table to support your young entrepreneurs.

Date of Visit: 03.06.2019

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Priti Krishna,

Western Sydney University, Australia.

Awesome! Never expected such creativity at a University in kind of new product development.

Date of Visit: 26.12.2017

Dr. Ketaki Bapat,

O/O PSA to GoI, New Delhi

Wishing the very best for the centres' efforts on encouraging eff

Date of Visit: 18.11.2016

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J.C. Madhu Swamy,

Law. Parliamentary affairs, Minor irrigation Minister, Karnataka

The agribusiness centre of the TNAU is doing wonderful work. I am very much impressed by its innovative works and organisational Skills. I wish it will serve the farmers in the future also.

Date of Visit: 23.08.2022

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