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GoI - Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer's Welfare
Agripreneurship Orientation (AOP) & Startup Agri-Business Incubation Program (SAIP)

Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana - Remunerative Approaches for Agriculture and Allied Sector Rejuvenation” (RKVY-RAFTAAR) has been launched with a component for innovation and agrientrepreneurship. Through this initiative, a thrust would be given to promote agripreneurship and startups.


RKVY-RAFTAAR supports agribusiness incubation by tapping innovations and technologies for venture creation in agriculture. In this process, incubation facilities and expertise already available with participating academic, technical, management and R&D institutions in the country shall be utilized on an individual or collective basis to harness synergies. The existing institutional agribusiness incubators would be strengthened on a need basis by providing grants-in-aid.

ABIS - Technology Business Incubator [TBI], TNAU, Coimbatore is one of the R-ABI centres for establishment of Innovation and Agri – Entrepreneurship cell with a grant of Rs. 233 Lakhs by the Ministry of Agriculture, Co-operation and Farmer’s Welfare, RKVY Division, New Delhi from 2019 onwards.

National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Hyderabad is our Knowledge Partner identified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Co-operation and Farmer’s Welfare, RKVY Division, New Delhi for execution of R-ABI. The R-ABI Incubation Committee (RIC) has been constituted as per the guide lines of the Ministry of Agriculture, Co-operation and Farmer’s Welfare, RKVY Division, New Delhi to monitor and review the progress of the program.

Objectives of RKVY-RAFTAAR Agribusiness Incubators (R-ABI):
· To achieve ''Lab to land'' - new technology /varieties to farmers.
· To promote innovation, entrepreneurship and business creation.
· To create employment opportunities for youth in agriculture
· To facilitate technical, legal, financial, intellectual property services t
o agripreneurs
· To promote R&D, commercial technology transfer.
· Capacity building of existing agri-incubators.

Key components of RKVY - R-ABI



Agripreneurship Orientation & Idea / Pre-Seed Stage Funding (AOP)
1. This programme is aimed at provide an opportunity to students/ youth to work on their innovative ideas by imparting two months training cum hands on internship with other startups at the respective R-ABI.
2. Guided by experienced and innovative startups, they will be able to understand business concepts/nuances, strategy and practical insights of specific industries or markets, challenges and strategies to resolve them.
3. After successful completion of the two months orientation programme, the R-ABI will facilitate incorporation of entities for all viable business ideas by the above mentioned interns. After that, these startups will be eligible for Idea/Pre-Seed Stage Funding. A grant of a maximum of Rs. 5 lakhs (up to 90% of the Project cost) will be provided to interns who have successfully completed the initial two months of Agripreneurship orientation program and are aspiring to convert their innovative idea based on technology, service, business platforms etc. into a prototype/ product. 

a. To nurture potential agripreneurs by providing training cum internship with other startups to provide them practical, technical and business insights;
b. To create and nurture a pipeline of agripreneurs for incubators
c. To make pursuing entrepreneurship related to innovative ideas an attractive career option among other available career choices.

Eligibility Criteria:
a. The recipient should propose one innovative idea based on technology, service, business platforms etc. for increasing efficiency in agriculture and allied sector.
b. The recipients are expected to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations full time.
c. The recipient should have an initial business plan/ proposal for the idea they intend to pursue.

Selection Process of Interns for Agripreneurship Orientation: 
a. The R-ABI shall announce the programme at the state/local level.
b. All applicants for this programme will apply as per the prescribed format.
c. The selection of agripreneurs that have an innovativ
e idea based on technology, service, business platforms etc. and interest in pursuing their entrepreneurial aspirations full time, shall be done by the RIC.
d. Under this component, the R-ABI will select a batch of 30 Agripreneurship that have a workable innovative idea.

Startup Agribusiness Incubation Programme /Seed Stage Funding (SAIP) 









This seed stage funding will be available to incubatees who are incubated at the R-ABI. Under this, financial assistance of a maximum of Rs. 25 lakhs will be granted to potential startups that have a minimum viable product (MVP) based on innovative solutions/ processes / products/ services/ business models in agriculture and allied sector.
This support will assist the incubatees to launch their products/ services/ business platforms etc. into the market and help them to scale up their opera
tions as well as to attain business viability at a faster pace. This support will also facilitate them to attract investments from angel/venture capitalists or taking loans from commercial banks /financial institutions for further scaling-up of their business operations.

a. To develop an innovative idea based on technology, service, business platforms etc. into prototype/ product, services/ platforms etc. and launching of a business based on that.
b. To provide an opportunity to budding agripreneurs/students for venturing into the agribusiness arena as well as for minimizing risks involved in businesses based on innovation;
c. To attract and retain a large number of enthusiastic and skilled youth in agriculture;
d. To create a pipeline of innovative startups for in
Eligibility Criteria:

a. After successful completion of the initial two months of the agripreneurship orientation programme, interns will qualify for getting Idea/Pre-Seed Stage Funding.
b. The recipient should be registered for the incubation programme at the RABI for the entire duration of Idea/ Pre-Seed Stage Funding.
c. The recipient will register his/her company before the release of the grant or he/she has to be an Indian start-up as per DIPP notification. 

Selection Process of Startups for Idea/ Pre-Seed Stage Funding:
a. After successful completion of the initial two months of the agripreneurship orientation programme, the interested interns will make a presentation before RIC of their respective R-ABI. The RIC will evaluate interns on the basis of progress made on their innovative idea in the two months of agripreneurship orientation programme and recommend the interns to RC for their final evaluation.

b. The RC will evaluate and recommend the interns for Idea Stage Funding.
c. On the recommendation of RC, the first instalment of the grant-in-aid will be released by the Nodal Division to incubatees through the respective RABI.
d. The R-ABI would execute a legal agreement with the incubatee who is selected for the seed support and this agreement should be signed before the release of the first instalment of seed fund to the Incubatees. The terms of agreement with the incubate startup should be framed by the RABI linking the progress milestones, monitoring norms etc.

e. Subsequent disbursement schedules should be linked to the achievement of milestones by the incubatees

Pattern of Funding Support and Release of Funds:
For ensuring the incubatee / private participation in the programme, 10 percent of the project cost on a proportionate basis will be borne by the incubatee. The remaining 90 percent of the project cost on a proportionate basis up to a maximum of Rs. 5 lakhs will be borne under the RKVYRAFTAAR scheme which will be released in two instalments as mentioned below:

i. The first instalment of 60 % of the amount of the sanctioned project for support under Idea Stage Funding will be released after signing of the agreement between the incubator/ R-ABI and the incubatee.

ii. The final instalment of 40% will be released to the Incubatees by the Nodal Division through R-ABIs after recommendation of RIC and RC based on their performance and milestone achieved as well as after utilization of 80% of previously released amount and receipt of provisional UC of 80% of already released funds.
A maximum of 20 idea stage startups per R-ABI will be supported under this scheme. Each selected startup will be provided a maximum limit of Rs 5 lakh as grant in aid under the scheme for working on their idea to convert it into a marketable product.
The amount of Rs. 5 lakh is the upper limit of the seed fund assistance.
The applicant incubatees would be provided funds as per their genuine requirements and as per appraisal/evaluation of their business plans by the RC and the decision of the RC in this regard will be final.

The RC will not be bound to give any reason in case an application for seed loan is rejected. In case, the incubatee is already receiving grant/financial support from any other source, he should disclose the same and the issue of grant under RKVY-RAFTAAR will be decided on a case to case basis by RC based on recommendation of the RIC.

RKVY RAFTAAR R ABI Cohort I - 2019-20

19 AOP trainees were trained under AOP Cohort I from 26th June 2019 to 27th August 2019. After screening by the R-ABI Incubation Committee (RIC), 12 AOP trainees were pitched for the final Screening held at MANAGE, Hyderabad on 14th March 2020.  

The SAIP cohort – I was conducted from 15th November 2019 to 23rd January 2020 and 25 startups were mentored. After screening by the R-ABI Incubation Committee (RIC), 16 SAIP trainees were pitched for the final Screening held at MANAGE, Hyderabad on 13th March 2020.  

Based on the final pitching, the Ministry sanctioned & released a total Grant of Rs. 21.50 lakhs for 6 startups under pre-seed stage funding (AOP) & Rs.110 lakhs for 8 startups under seed stage funding (SAIP). After the release work progress of the startups were monitored and the progress report have been forwarded to the Ministry.

RKVY RAFTAAR R ABI Cohort II – 2020-21

19 trainees were selected under AOP Cohort II & two months training program from 22nd July 2020 to 22nd September 2020 was conducted through online platform. Out of 19 AOP trainees 12 were shortlisted for the RIC screening. The final RIC screening for pitching the proposals was held on 6th November 2020. 12 AOP cohort- II trainees was presented their ideas in the presence of RIC.

24 trainees were selected under SAIP Cohort II & two months training program from 22nd October 2020 to 23rd December 2020 was conducted through online platform.  The valediction cum final RIC online screening for pitching their proposals was held on 30th December 2020 in the presence of RIC members. Out of 24 SAIP trainees 21 startups were shortlisted in the final RIC screening.

The final RC meeting for SAIP Cohort II trainees held on 10.03.2021 and AOP Cohort II trainees on 11.03.2021. The Ministry sanctioned a total Grant of Rs.196 Lakhs for RKVY, RAFTAAR R ABI Cohort-II grantees (5 startups under pre seed stage with the grant of Rs. 24 lakhs & 9 startups under seed stage with the grant of Rs. 172 lakhs). The first instalment grant of Rs.68.80 lakhs 9 SAIP Grantees and Rs.14.40 lakhs to 5 AOP Grantees on 03.12.2021.


RKVY RAFTAAR R ABI Cohort III – 2021-22

The call for AOP Cohort – III two month training program was conducted through online. About 25 AOP trainees was trained under the program. The valediction ceremony for the AOP Cohort III was held on 17th September 2021.


The SAIP Call - III was open from 17.08.2021 till 30.09.2021. A total of 21 applications were shortlisted based on the innovative products proposed during the first Regional Incubation Committee (RIC) screening held at DABD, TNAU on 9th October 2021 and the training programme was inaugurated on 18.11.2021. The two month training program is being conducted through online. The valediction ceremony and Final RIC for the SAIP Cohort III was held on 01ST February 2022.

The GoI-Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, RKVY Division has Sanctioned Rs.59.50 Lakhs to 13 of the RKVY AOP Cohort III trainees on 13.06.2022. The First installment grant of Rs.35.70 Lakhs to 13 Startups under RKVY AOP cohort III was released on 12.09.2022.

RKVY RAFTAAR R ABI Cohort IV – 2022-23

The call for AOP Cohort IV was open from 12th April 2022 to 20th of May 2022. A total of 36 applications were received. A preliminary screening of all the applicants was held online on 06.06.2022. Out of the 35 applications received, 28 applications were found to be related to Agri & Allied Innovations. In this regard the First online RIC screening of the AOP Cohort IV applicants by the RIC was conducted on 27th June 2022. About 22 applicants were selected for the two months training programme from 07.06.2022 .The Training was completed and valediction was held on 30.10.2022.

The call for SAIP Cohort IV is open from 1st September 2022 to 17 October 2022. First RIC was conducted on 10.11.2022 .Out of 33 Applicants, 23 Startups were selected for SAIP cohort IV training. The Inauguration was held on 22.11.2022 and the training programs were completed. The Valediction was held on 31.01.2023.

RKVY RAFTAAR R ABI Cohort V – 2023-24

The call for AOP Cohort V was open from 02nd May 2023 to 30th June 2023.

41 startups were sanctioned with the grant amount of Rs. 3.87 crores under the RKVY RAFTAAR R ABI - AOP and SAIP program for the FY 2019-20, FY 2020-21 and FY 2021-22.

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