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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Agri-Business Incubation?

Agri-Business incubation is a business support process that accelerates the development of the start-ups and companies by providing them the required business support and services in the field of agriculture.

Q:  How can I become a member of the Technology Business Incubator (TBI)- DABD - TNAU?

Any individual with a innovative idea or a product in the R&D level and has a passion to start an agri based enterprise can become a member. TNAU will give incubation support to such enterprises. TBI- TNAU extends membership under four categories.

Q:  What services can a member avail from TBI, TNAU?

TBI, TNAU provides a wide range of services to its members in innovative product development, testing and certification,patent services,financial assistance through banks, market linkages, in-house office space, licensing of TNAU technologies and technical consultancy in order to groom them to become successful entrepreneurs. TBI, TNAU provides Agri Business incubation services till the entrepreneur becomes self sustainability.


Q:  Can we get incubation service for a non-agri venture?

No. TBI, TNAU supports only agriculture and allied ventures.

Q:  Can I get financial assistance after enrolling me as a member?

TBI, TNAU facilitates its members to obtain financial assistance through banks, venture capitalists and various other schemes of SMEs through Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MoMSME) and Techno-preneur Promotion Programme (TePP) from DIC & NABARD.

Q:  Is it possible to get services from TBI - TNAU without enrolling as member?

No. TBI, TNAU extends services only to members on case to case basis who pay the required membership fee. Only membership services are offered.

Q:  Where could I get details of technologies developed by TNAU?

The details of technologies developed by TNAU are available in this website under the Web page TNAU "Technologies for Commercialization".

Q: How does an entrepreneur obtain license for production and sale of TNAU product/technology?

TBI, TNAU facilitates technology licensing to interested Companies through signing a MoU after enrollment as a member. Further details on Technology Commercialization can be obtained in person.


Q: Will TBI, TNAU market my product?

No. TBI, TNAU only facilitates market linkages and product promotion by networking.


Q: Does TBI, TNAU conduct training programmes? If so, what are those programmes?

Yes, We offer trainings to our members on Capacity Building Programmes.

Q: Can an entrepreneur have his office at TBI, TNAU?

TBI, TNAU provides in-house office space for interested incubatees on a minimal infrastructure usage fee. Interested members can have their offices in the TBI unit in TNAU, Coimbatore.

Q: What are the physical facilities available at TBI, TNAU?

TBI, TNAU has the following facilities:

1. In-house incubatee space for office at a minimal infrastructure usage fee. 

2. A separate Broadband connection has been provided for all inhouse incubatees with Wi-fi facility.

4. Fully equipped food packaging laboratory for product packaging only (no testing).

5. Training hall and Conference hall for conducting meetings and trainings.

6. Techno Park facility for conducting programmes.

7. An exhibition hall in The Directorate of Agri Business Development has been established for showcasing incubatee posters and products.

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