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TBI Members (2021 - 22)

Visit of Deputy Commissioner of Police and Registrar,TNAU, Coimbatore during AGRIINTEX 202

41.Founder Name : Mr. Saleem

Company Name: M/s. Advance Machinery Corporation

Venture: Manufacturing of Food Processing Machinery

TBI 373.jpeg

42.Founder Name : Mr.Sankar Pazha

Company Name: M/s. The Thenus

Venture: Value added food products

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TBI 374.jpeg

43.Founder Name : Mrs. Geetha Ilangovan

Company Name: M/s. EMARC Centre

Venture: Organic Sanitizer

TBI 375.jpeg

44.Founder Name : Mr. K. Balasubramanian

Company Name: M/s. Global Coconut FPCL

Venture: Coconut Neera Product.

TBI 377.jpeg

45.Founder Name : Mr.S.Karthikeyan

Company Name: M/s. Mycelium Sona biotech Private Limited

Venture: Medicinal mushroom & export market sales

TBI 381.png

46.Founder Name : Mr. K. Jeyavishnu

Company Name: M/s. Analytica Chimica Private Limited

Venture: Development of Soil testing Strips.

Photo - Thiraviam Exports.jpg

47.Founder Name : Mr. Bastin Raj 

Company Name: M/s. Thiraviyam International

Venture: Herbal Energy Bar

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48.Founder Name : Mr.K. Chandran

Company Name: M/s. Chennai Angels Network Association

Venture: Angel Investors Network

TBI 397.jpeg

49.Founder Name : Mrs. P. Manasa Satheesh

Company Name: M/s. BCX Bio organics

Venture: Producers of certified organic fertilizers

download (2).jpg

50.Founder Name : Mr. Jinesh Shah

Company Name: M/s. Omnivore Capital Management 

Venture: VC Funding for Agristartups

images (2).jpg
TBI 406.jpeg

51.Founder Name : Mr.S.V. Vetrimani

Company Name: M/s. Tera Venture Agro &  Textiles Pvt Ltd.

Venture: Stevia based Food Products

images (3).jpg
TBI 408.jpeg

52.Founder Name : Mr. Raja Radhakrishnan

Company Name: M/s. Freshpiks Agricultural Marketing Pvt. limited

Venture: E - commerce (Digital farming)

images (9).jpg
TBI 409.jpeg

53.Founder Name : Mr. D. Chiranjeev

Company Name: M/s. SSNS Bio Garden Pvt. ltd

Venture: Vertical farming  - Hydrophonics

TBI 411.jpeg

54.Founder Name : Mr. Giri Prasad 

Company Name: M/s. Cocoveta Natural Products

Venture: Coconut Neera Cold Chain and Value added Products

download (4).jpg
TBI 413.jpeg

55.Founder Name : Mr. A.B. Muthu Raj

Company Name: M/s. Infinite Inland farmers Pvt. Ltd.

Venture: Compost from Fish Waste

images (4).jpg
TBI 414.jpeg

56.Founder Name : Mr. Prabhu

Company Name: M/s. Green Collars Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Venture: Converting Agro Waste into Wealth

images (5).jpg

57.Founder Name : Mr. J. Viswanathan

Company Name: M/s. Thendral natural Perfumes & Essential oils

Venture: Natural Perfume and Essential oils

images (6).jpg
sangeetha passport size pic - sangeetha MRG.jpg

58.Founder Name : Ms.M.R.G. Sangeetha Devanand Traders

Company Name: M/s. MRGS Agro traders

Venture: Portable Solar dehydrator

download (5).jpg
pic - Padmapriya P.jpg

59.Founder Name : Ms.P. Padma Priya

Company Name: M/s. Sesha Purification Plant

Venture: Manufacturing of Desalinator and irrigator

download (6).jpg
TBI 296 Sudha Chandran.jpg

60.Founder Name : Mrs. Sudha Chandrasekaran

Company Name: M/s. Richzon Industries

Venture: Coconut Chips

Kural Selvi Photo.png

61.Founder Name : Ms.S.Kural Selvi

Company Name: M/s. Effinland IP

Venture: Herbal Disinfectant spray

images (1).jpg

62.Founder Name : Ms.A.IndhuPriya

Company Name: M/s. Millir Bio Products

Venture: Herbal Steam inhalant capsules

download (7).jpg

63.Founder Name : Ms.E.Kavitha

Company Name: M/s. Farm Pro Agro Products

Venture: Organic Seed coating

download (8).jpg
TBI 346.jpeg

64.Founder Name : Mrs.S.Vinothini

Company Name: Individual

Venture: Cold press oils

download (9).jpg
TBI 348.jpeg

65.Founder Name : Mrs.K.Kavitha

Company Name: M/s. Thakshika Foods

Venture: Mushroom production, millets value addition

TBI 351.jpeg

66.Founder Name : Ms.K.Preethi

Company Name: M/s. Nutsoah Global

Venture: Food Industry

TBI 357.jpeg

67.Founder Name : Mrs.Meghala

Company Name: M/s. Craftsphere

Venture: Wealth from waste using coconut shells

images (8).jpg
TBI 415.png

68.Founder Name : Mr. Leo Peter Charles

Company Name: M/s. Janes Aerospace Pvt. Ltd

Venture: Autonomous Drone spraying for Tea

download (10).jpg
TBI 419.jpeg

69.Founder Name : Mr.P.Balamurugan

Company Name: M/s. Intugreen Pvt Ltd.

Venture: Edible cutlery straw


70.Founder Name : Mr. T.M. Narain

Company Name: M/s. Thimana Agricultural Services Pvt Ltd.

Venture: ICT Application for marketing of farm produce.

images (9).jpg
TBI 421.jpeg

71.Founder Name : Mr.N.Santhosh

Company Name: M/s. Coco Science

Venture: Coconut Dehusking Machine

download (12).jpg

72.Founder Name : Mr.Damodar Nayakar

Company Name: M/s. Natural Mills Pvt Ltd.

Venture: Edible Oils

download (9).jpg
TBI 423_edited.jpg

73.Founder Name : Dr.K.P.Sunil

Company Name: M/s.Ecohealth Products Pvt.Ltd.

Venture: Manufacturing of Bio inputs

images (10).jpg
Mr.Ramshankar Photo.png

74.Founder Name : Mr.C.S. Ramshankar

Company Name: M/s. Maxbyte Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

Venture: Smart Farming System

images (11).jpg

75.Founder Name : Mr.S. Ragavendran

Company Name: M/s. Erbatech Machinery Pvt ltd

Venture: Automated agribusiness drones

download (13).jpg
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